Getting into college today is far more difficult, competitive and expensive than ever before. Even a small oversight or mistake in the college admissions process can make all the difference in your son or daughter gaining admission to the school of their dreams or receiving a valuable scholarship. The whole process has become so complicated:
  • Which types of colleges should we apply to,
  • When is the best time to take the SAT, and
  • How to go about seeking financial aid.
For the past 25 years Rick Singer and The Key coaches have been helping students discover their life passion, and guiding them along with their families through the complex college admissions maze. Using The Key method, our coaches help unlock the full potential of your son or daughter, and set them on a course to excel in life.

Don't leave it to chance! Take the guesswork and frustration out of the college admissions equation. Our local admissions coaches would love the opportunity to help your son or daughter tap into their life passion and have the best chance of getting a quality college education. We are pleased to offer a Free in-home consultation, college admissions assessment and personalized jump-start action plan. Please fill out the form to the right or call (800) 620-8085, to set-up an appointment.

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