The Key student, Chloe Katerndahl, had a dream to make music. Working with her Key coach, Chloe grew in her music and found her way to a college that was the perfect accompaniment to musical dream.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for knowing exactly where I belong from the very start. I am in Nashville at the moment and I feel immersed in music. It’s wonderful and I’ve already met so many like-minded people just walking around Belmont’s campus. The best part is, I got offered a publishing deal for my songwriting and they want to promote me as an artist. The company’s called Ole and their office is right down the street from Belmont! What a coincidence. The synchronicity of my life lately has been unbelievable and I wouldn’t have such confidence in my future had it not been for your advice, so thank you from the depths of my heart! ” – Chloe Kat

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