Hollywood Casino Review: Unique Virtual Casino Experience

When online gambling and sports betting became legal in the USA, Hollywood Casino did not waste time securing a place in the newly developed market. The company became one of the first that applied for a license and published an online gambling site. It transferred the reputation to the internet and offered its users a unique virtual casino experience. In order to find out more about Hollywood Casino games, bonuses, promotions, and app, continue reading the article.

Pros / Cons
  • Free to play casino
  • Free mobile app
  • 50 000 credits
  • Limited collection of slots

Casino Games Available

Hollywood Casino is one of the leading companies in the gambling industry, and it is no wonder they managed to get an online gaming license pretty fast. They can boast with numerous slots and table games which players can enjoy. Some of them offer a really nice jackpot, with great winning odds. The slot games have a level structure. This means that the more you play, the more games you unlock. Luckily, this progress is very fast, and it works in your favor. Your level determines the amount of iRewards Points you gather. In addition, you can unlock more free credits by advancing through Hollywood Casino.

Among numerous games, the following titles are very popular on Hollywood Casino site:

  • Hollywood Jackpot
  • Wild Superstars
  • Wild 5x
  • Wild 100x Pay
  • Lightning Rewind
  • Sliding Diamond Deluxe
  • Cashing Fish
  • Egyptian Fortune
  • Zeus III
  • Super Monopoly Money
  • Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome
  • 88 Fortunes
  • Lady Robin Hood
  • Kronos
  • Queen of the Wild

Promotions for New and Existing Players

Hollywood Casino offers decent promotions. Right now, you can enjoy a nice welcome bonus in the form of free 50.000 credits which can be used on all games. Furthermore, there are no strict rules when it comes to applying this bonus. Hollywood Casino is one of the few online gambling sites that do not tie the bonuses and promotions with numerous Terms and Conditions. You also do not need a promo code in order to be eligible for this bonus. You just have to be a newly registered player.

Promotions for existing players are consisted of free monthly credits. You will need a code in order to cash in this bonus, but the codes are different for every month. For August, the promo code is DOGDAYS19. By entering this code, you can get anywhere from 20.000 to 25.000 free credits. If you follow Hollywood Casino on Facebook and like their page, you will get additional free credits that can be used in their online casino. Please note that Facebook page may offer additional posts where you can claim extra credits just by clicking and following a certain link. It is advisable that you visit the page and get information of all ongoing and upcoming promotions.

The Ultimate Backyard Giveaway lasts for entire August and players have a chance to win $1,000. In order to participate in this promotion, you must have at least one entry. You can gain this entry just by registering at the Hollywood Casino webpage. Additional entries are given to those who install the Viva Slots Vegas and Abradoodle Bingo app and create an account. People who already own these apps will be given automatic entries, so no worries there.

Apart from the current promotions, Hollywood Casino is known for offering timed events and bonuses. In July, users had a chance to participate in Early Christmas Giveaway, a promotion which granted a prize of $5,000 to the winner of the event. Similar promotions applied in May and June, where players had a chance to win 25,000 free credits. The best part about Hollywood Casino promotions is that they are not strict and are very generous in terms of applying. Of course, a certain promotion may have some requirements, so it is best to check their promotion page regularly.

Additional Features 

Mobile App Lacks Innovation

The mobile app is nothing special and resembles the desktop version of the site. You can play some games and enjoy the online casino on the go. But in all fairness, the app is far from an award-winning one. It lacks some innovative feature and is good enough to give you the basic experience of an online casino. Hollywood Casino is one of the biggest names in the industry, but it feels like they haven’t invested enough into their site or mobile app. They seriously slack behind their competition in regards to technology.

That being said, the app runs smoothly and has no major lag issues. You don’t need top of the notch mobile device in order to run it. The games flow nicely, and the graphics are really good. You can use features and options you need to have decent gaming experience. The real issue is the simplicity, which in this case, does not sell.


Hollywood Casino is a reputable company with years of experience in the gambling industry. Users are happy and content with the service they provide. The site is definitely trustworthy, and some of the rules and features are set in place to ensure security. But the overall design of the site definitely needs improvement. The menus are awful, and they take up your whole page. The biggest issue is that the menu pops up even when you move your mouse close to a certain tab. And in order to move from these menus, you sometimes have to scroll all the way to the edges of the page and your screen. It is annoying and definitely should get a fix. Perhaps the menus could be opened only by clicking on them.

In addition, the icons are too big at times. And with big icons, comes a very short description which forces you to click on more details. This will send you to another page, which feels like a whole new operator. And even then, you may find yourself with little information. Their FAQ page could definitely be more refined and have at least more than 10 questions. As it stands now, you have to contact customer service even for the slightest questions or issues you are facing.

All being said, the site has nice graphics and the games are well done, packed with loads of fun and neat rewards. If you ignore the annoying bits, the site will definitely give you a good casino experience.