Caesars Casino & Sports Review: Good Site with Room for Improvement

Caesars is a household name in the USA. When they launched an online betting site, the competition was slightly afraid. They did a good job with the site, but the lack of online experience is visible in some places. There is definitely room for improvement, and if Caesars keeps investing in the online sportsbook, it will become quite a contender in the online betting industry.

Pros / Cons
  • New Jersey licensed
  • $10 no deposit free bet
  • Up to $300 bonus
  • Accepts Paypal
  • No live streaming

Sports and Markets Lack Variety 

Caesars is new in online sports betting, and this can be seen through their site and sports market. The site itself is polished and well-designed, but it lacks some of the features other sites have. The whole product feels like it is still in development, and the limited options may be an obstacle to serious bettors. But it is nonetheless run by a reputable company which aims to thrive with time.

When it comes to sports markets, Caesars could significantly expand the list of available sports. As it currently stands, they only cover North American sports, which includes mostly US-based sports and some popular sports and leagues in Canada. When it comes to international sports, they tend to have very little to no events. They do cover soccer events around the world, including European major leagues and Champions League, but the events are lacking compared to other sites.

Another area which could use a lot of improvement is the pre-game and in-play betting markets. The events, odds and types of bet available could prove to be a major problem for big-stake bettors. While the site and markets are easy to use and good for recreational bettors, Caesars needs to improve even further in order to keep regular customers. Just for comparison, during big events and games, Caesars opens anywhere between 10 to 50 markets, while other sites are known to have more than 200 markets.

All being said, the betting site is safe, secure and run by serious people who have been in the betting and gambling industry for decades. Surely, Caesars will improve tremendously in following months and years. Currently, the list of sports and leagues covered are as following:

  • MLB
  • WNBA
  • CFL
  • MLS
  • NCAA Baseball
  • Euroleague
  • Golf
  • UFC
  • Europa League
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Boxing
  • Soccer Internationals
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Hockey
  • Champions League

Decent Odds & Limits

The odds are decent at best. This means Caesars will provide you with enough options to have a good betting experience, but nothing extraordinary. You can place bets on spread, Moneyline, or total from the main screen. To see more options for a specific game, you have to tap the matchup from where you can place bets on other aspects of the game. These include alternate lines, player props, team props, and many more.

While odds and limits are nothing special, one interesting feature that Caesars offer is the build of custom parlays. When you select a wager, Caesars creates a betting slip where you can view current wagers and how much you can win. If you add more wagers, the betting slip automatically creates a parlay option with odds automatically generated to reflect your actions. When it comes to betting limits, Caesars is one of the few sites that offers a minimum wager of $0.01.

Caesars could definitely improve by adding more game statistics and introduce features which will allow serious bettors to place stakes on more specific games and events.

Available Promotions

When it comes to promotions, Caesars doesn’t offer many promotions at this time. They offer a nice welcome and deposit bonus. For the welcome bonus, enter SPORTS10 when you first register on the site and you will be given a free $10. These funds cannot be used for multiple bets and can only be used on sports wager. In order to receive this bonus, you cannot use any other bonus code.

Caesars also offers a deposit bonus which can be received by typing CASMAX bonus code in the registration field. The sportsbook will match your first sports bet with 100% and up to $300. In order to be eligible for these funds, you have to make a deposit of at least $10.

Other promotions include linking all of your Caesars accounts in order to receive Rewards Credits. These credits can later be converted to additional funds. Every 1,000 credits will give you $10. By linking all of your accounts, you will be able to gather credits from any Caesars resort in the world. Moreover, the reward points accumulate a lot faster if you place more bets and use Caesars features to the maximum extent.

Additional Features 

No Live Streaming

Live streaming is not yet an option for Caesars. Unfortunately, the site is very young, and hopefully, there will be more improvements soon. So far, there is no real date or timeframe regarding the live streaming option or what events it will cover. The In-play option also needs a lot of work, so our estimated guess is that live streaming will not be available in the near future.

Smooth and Elegant Mobile App

Caesars sportsbook is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. While iOS users can download the app freely from the App Store, Android users will have to visit Caesars main page and download Android version from there. The app itself is far from award-winning, but the design feels smooth and elegant. The colors offer enough contrast to make all options and features clearly visible and readable. The app is easy to navigate and there is a clear listing of all sports available along the left side of the screen. In addition, you can check any upcoming games or events so you can plan your bets accordingly.

The biggest downside for the app is that you have to connect your Google account with it. It may be a personal preference, but some people like myself, hate connecting account to numerous platforms. If you are one of those people, then perhaps the Caesars mobile site is a better option for you.


With all being said, Caesars is definitely one of the giants in the betting and gambling industry. They have decades of experience, and their reputation precedes them. The site is definitely trustworthy, and users are generally content. If you are a casual bettor, you will find the site perfectly tailored to suit your needs. If you are a more serious bettor, finding a site that offers more features is a better option.