Hey Rick,

I’m really sorry I didn’t contact you after I made my decision, but I just wanted to express to you how much of an impact you’ve had on my life despite the relatively short amount of time you’ve been in it. My decision to attend DePaul University is the most exciting opportunity that I have had in my entire life, and I have you to thank for helping me get into the school and making my decision to go there. I can’t believe what you have been able to do for my mom and me, and I just hope that I can someday repay you for the generosity and respect that you have shown me. You are such an inspiring and impactful man, and I hope that I may one day fulfill a role in the world similar to yours. With the educational and career opportunities that you have helped put into my path, I know that I can take advantage of and do some good for myself and for others. Speaking of educational and career opportunities, I just learned something today before taking my Math Placement Test (which, by the way, I scored above average on). I saw on the DePaul homepage that The Second City will be collaborating with the DePaul School of Cinema Arts to offer degrees in Comedy Filmmaking beginning in Fall 2018… I can’t believe my luck. The year that I begin attending DePaul University is the year that degrees in Comedy Filmmaking are being offered. Isn’t that crazy??? I’m just so grateful and happy with my decision to attend DePaul. Thank you Rick.

You truly are an incredible man!
Jonathon Bristol