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Dear Rick,

Just a note to say, “Thank You” very much for providing the opportunity for 10 boys and 10 girls from the Oakland Soldiers to attend Sly Park Basketball School this upcoming summer. Our camp is “blessed” to have friends like you and we’re grateful for your generous gift. It’s hard to believe, but this summer we will begin our 35th year and now have nearly 14,000 graduates that includes 107 weeks of camp and counting! Time does fly when you are having fun!
It still puts a big smile on my face coach, thinking about those talks we use to have back in the day! You know what they say Rick, “teammates are forever,” so it’s been great being your teammate! I know how busy you are, but if you were ever able to stop by, please know you are always welcome and we’d love to see you! By the way, Ron McKenna is being inducted into the Sly Park Coaches Hall of Fame on Saturday.
I’m stoked for the start of camp, and can’t wait to get going! Thank you again Rick for providing these scholarships – these young players are going to have a great week of basketball, friendship and fun because of you, and we plan to go out of our way to make this the best week of their summer!

Steve Williams