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Getting into college today is far more difficult, competitive and expensive than ever before. Even a small oversight or mistake in the college admissions process can make all the difference in your son or daughter gaining admission to the school of their dreams or receiving a valuable scholarship. Less than 10% of students get into their first choice college, and 25% drop out their freshman year. Through it all, you will likely spend between $100,000 and $300,000 on room, board, tuition and travel for your child's education.

Yet in the end, immediate employment out of college is no longer guaranteed. Therefore, choosing the "right fit" school and environment to maximize their potential is critical. Would you invest $100,000+ in the stock market or real estate without the help of a professional broker or agent? Let the professional coaches at THE KEY guide you through this complex process and tap into your child’s passions and innate talents to unlock opportunities to build a road map for future success. Your sons and daughters are a few short years from leaving home, going to college, starting a career and going out on their own. Are they ready? Are you?


Georgetown Grad

Dear Rick,

I hope all is well with you. A quick note to let you you you know that Matt is graduating from Georgetown University. He will take two classes this summer before receiving his diploma.
Many thanks to you for helping to guide him to the place where he grew up.

Warm regards,
Michael Wiener

Doctorate in Chemistry!

Hi Rick,

Wanted to let you know that Griffin walked for his doctorate in Chemistry (Surface Science and Catalysis) last Saturday. He is pictured here with his advising professor Gabor Samorjai. Thank you again for your strategy in making sure he got into Berkeley over 9 years ago!
When you get a moment, if you could also contact our niece, Alicia, to advise her on NYU Medical School vs. University of Vermont, we would greatly appreciate it.

Best always,
Gail Kennedy

Dancing in the Streets of NYC

Dear Rick,

I can't believe this! I have been speechless and in disbelief all morning! This would have been absolutely impossible without you and Mikaela! There are simply not enough words to describe how truly grateful and appreciative I am for absolutely every minute that you have spent on my essay/ application as well as answering all my questions. I can't believe that the possibility of Mitchell and I moving to New York to study at this renowned institution and train in dance can be a reality! Thank you so so so much!!!!

Natalie Shevchenko

Boulder Bound

Mr. Singer,

Thank you for everything you and your team did for me during the college application process. I don’t know what would I have done without your help. I ended up applying to 14 colleges, and was accepted at 11 of them. I ultimately chose Boulder University because I fell in love with the campus, and I think it has an academic level that I will be able to handle, which was one of your biggest pieces of advice for me. As you will recall my academic situation made this a delicate balance because of the classes I needed to take, but never had the time to. So instead of me having to study 5 years at the university due to my lack of preparation for business, Boulder University is allowing me to study for 4 years in their pre-business to full business program. I’m so happy and excited to go to Boulder! My dad is already looking for apartments in Boulder to have an excuse to come and visit me. My mom is already crying, and one of my little brothers is already moving into my bedroom. Thank you once again for everything, you have no idea how much I appreciate what you did for me.

Maria Velasco

College Hero

Hi Rick,

How are you? Tess received her official "March Through The Arch" T-shirt last night - what a thrill! I just wanted to thank you again for not only your help, but your kindness, strength and patience. We were not your easiest clients with all our ups and downs and all arounds and I am so very grateful to you for sticking by our side through all of it. I have passed your info onto a few people (my brother and sister-in- law included). As you can imagine you are a hero to us as well as all who love Tess and have been watching her life and dreams unfold.... Thanks again for everything.

All my very best,

Thanks for a Great Year

Dear Rick,

I hope your Holidays and New Year went well! I wanted to thank you immensely for all the work you did with me last year. You were invaluable during my college process and I'm so grateful for all the help you were able to provide for me. I truly believed you were the single most helpful person I've worked with this entire time. I can't even begin to thank you enough.

Looking forward to more great results this year too!
Trevor Wise

Signing Day Success

Dear Rick,

Without your help, I could not have gone from pitching at Marin Catholic High School, to my dream of pitching in college at Santa Clara University.

Thank you,
Brandon Buckley

Recognize #42?

Hey Rick,

I'm sure that you will recognize #42, that's me, and thanks to you and the Key, I'm a proud new Berkeley Bear! You stuck with me and guided my career after my injury, and set the course for me to play college ball. If it weren't for you, I would never have achieved my dream of playing Division 1 football.

Thank you,
Dylan Klumph

Proud to be a Mustang

Dear Rick,

I'm writing this e-mail today to simply say thank you. I leave for SMU in 30 days, and I could not be more excited about moving to Dallas. I'm positive that I would have never found such a perfect school for me if it wasn't for your guidance. Not only did you help me through the college search and the application processes, you were also able to help me obtain a manager position on the basketball team. I have already met some of the players and other managers, and I am very excited to begin working with all of them. I'm looking forward to staying in touch as I go through my years as a Mustang.

Thank you,
Evan Webb

Hook 'em Horns

Hey Rick,

I wanted to thank you personally for all your help in getting me into the University of Texas in Austin, and for helping me secure a managers position with the UT basketball team. And, can you believe it, here is a picture of me with basketball star, Kevin Durrant at the UT Summer Basketball Camp.

Thanks so much,
Michael Chui Schaepe

Navigating the Process

Dear Rick,

We want to thank you and your great staff for the excellent support you provided to us and, above all, to Laura. It has been a wonderful journey since we started getting help from you and your staff in order to guide and support the tasks Laura had to complete for her applications to college. We have highly appreciated the level of competence and high quality standards of delivering an excellent support to us: looking at Laura getting accepted in most of the colleges she wanted to go and see her deciding to go to CalPoly at SLO, one of her favorite colleges, was the confirmation of a great job done in the past year. We are extremely thankful for what you have done for us. Please extend this message to the whole staff.

Luca, Lodolo and Marilena Russo

Look at Me Now!

Dear Rick,

As you know, I struggled to get good grades while I was attending Jesuit Carmichael High School in Sacramento, but you did not give up on me. You pushed me to take the first step and enroll at Cuesta Community College to move the ball down the field. All through my academic career you were there for me. Coaching me, taking my game to the next level. You worked your magic to get me into my dream school, NYC, and now, look at me... straight A's at NYU!! I could not have accomplished my goals and achieved my dreams without you and the Key.

Many thanks,
Nathan Frank

2 Degrees at UCS in Only 4 Years!

Dear Rick,

Thought you should know that Grant received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Accountancy from USC last weekend, and achieved all that in only 4 years. He starts at Deloitte in September in their L.A. office. One of your students does good!

Van Dukeman

At the Net for UCS

Hi Rick,

Thank you for helping Victoria reach her dream of playing for USC! We could not have done it without you.

Best wishes,
Lainie Garrick

Right Fit to Perfect Fit

Dear Rick,

Sarah Lawrence College had an event on Monday for incoming Freshman. Laurel, Sami, Matt and I spent the day there. As we were leaving, I asked Sami how she was feeling … she said “it feels perfect”.

Thanks again Rick!,


Adding Real Value

Dear Rick,

I can't say thank you enough. My team spent most of the evening discussing the incredible value you delivered. Our CFO, Casey is interested in speaking with you further about his daughter. I know you can help them as well.

Thanks again,

Rick Nelson, CEO Direct Technology

Georgetown Bound

Dear Rick,

I wanted to let you know how unbelievably thankful I am for all of your help over the past 3 years with my entire college application process. I realize that this note is extremely late and so I apologize for that! I was so overwhelmed (and relieved, and elated, and crying tears of joy) after getting into Georgetown that I guess I forgot to thank the most influential and helpful person! Anyways, there was no way I could have handled everything without you. Thank you for every supplement edit, helping me with my indecisions, replying to my frantic e-mails and texts, and sticking with me until the end. It was seriously awesome working with you and I appreciate every single thing you did for me. You are the best! I'll see you soon!

Thanks again (so so so much!),


He's On The Team!

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for everything you have done for Tyler and helping him get into Cal! thank you so much, could not have done it without you

Thanks again,
Proud Parent

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