THE KEY partners with your son or daughter to identify their strengths, unlock their potential, choose the right college, position themselves for admission, and outline a course of study and extracurricular experiences to lead to a life of success.

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THE KEY's "Foundation Principles":
· Coaching for the "Game of Life"
· Finding the Right Fit College
· Creating a Personal Brand
· Beating the Odds

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Getting into college today is far more difficult, competitive and expensive than ever before. Even a small oversight or mistake in the college admissions process can make all the difference in your son or daughter gaining admission to the school of their dreams or receiving a valuable scholarship. Less than 10% of students get into their first choice college, and 25% drop out their freshman year. Through it all, you will likely spend between $100,000 and $300,000 on room, board, tuition and travel for your child's education.

Yet in the end, immediate employment out of college is no longer guaranteed. Therefore, choosing the "right fit" school and environment to maximize their potential is critical. Would you invest $100,000+ in the stock market or real estate without the help of a professional broker or agent? Let the professional coaches at THE KEY guide you through this complex process and tap into your childís passions and innate talents to unlock opportunities to build a road map for future success. Your sons and daughters are a few short years from leaving home, going to college, starting a career and going out on their own. Are they ready? Are you?


Sean Commits to USC Men's Volleyball Team

Rick and the Key,

I walked in Sean's room and he was wearing his USC gear. He walked up to me with a huge smile and crossed-off the last item on a list he created in the fifth-grade. "Play at a Division 1 college."

Thank you all of your help. You have made a huge difference in our family and we are forever grateful.

K (Seanís Dad)

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We are proud to announce the following new strategic alliances and partners:

Laurel Springs, College Preparatory Distance Learning The online Laurel Springs High School program is designed to get students into college. Its high school curriculum teaches critical thinking—an essential skill for the college-bound student. Students learn through challenging and creative lessons that are aligned with state standards and consistently have SAT scores that are higher than the national average and go on to the best colleges and universities.


Springbok Academy, with planned locations in Lakewood Ranch, (Sarasota), Florida, Sacramento, California, and Telluride, CO is developing state-of-the-art campus, residential and athletic facilities where it will provide educational, athletic and leadership programs to students, athletes and sports teams from around the world. Springbok has engaged some of the world’s leading sports coaches, educators and leadership veterans to create the world’s best academic and sports academy.


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